When Erik and I founded Ardoq in 2013, being CEO was a different job than it is today. For our two-person company, it involved a lot of paperwork, product pitches, and coding.

As we’ve grown the company from the two of us to 16 employees, that role has changed. Less time coding, more time doing market research and high level strategy. And while I’ve tremendously enjoyed steering the Ardoq ship through this period of growth, I also recognize that the skills and abilities required of our future CEO don’t align well with what I personally like to work with. With that thought in mind, we started the search for a new CEO, and we’ve found someone that far exceeds our expectations.

His name is Magnus Valmot, and he starts today. Let me tell you about him.

Meet Magnus

We interviewed a lot of candidates for this position, and Magnus really stood out as a leader that fits the Ardoq culture, and someone who can bring the structure and strategy that we need to grow.

A track record of leadership

Looking at Magnus’ CV, it’s no surprise he’s ended up as a CEO.

Magnus received Leadership education from the Norwegian Military, and served as a Coastal Ranger for a year. He then went on to get a Masters of Science in Industrial Economics and Technology Management at Norwegian university NTNU. While there, he was president of two student organizations and was active in volunteer work.

From NTNU, Magnus joined global consulting firm PwC, quickly moving up the ranks to become a Manager. His projects in Oil & Gas, Energy, Defense, and IT have given him a broad perspective on the business world (and happen to line up pretty well with Ardoq’s customer base, too!). These projects focused mainly on strategy definition, process improvement, organizational development, benchmarking, and cost cutting.

After 5 years at PwC, Magnus went into the SaaS business when he joined Cxense, a global firm specializing in website personalization and data management. While there, he owned the global onboarding team responsible for delivering customer value to anyone purchasing their solutions.

With such impressive and well-rounded professional experience, we feel quite lucky to welcome Magnus to the team.

Magnus had this to say:

"I believe the team behind Ardoq has done a fantastic job at solving the IT pain points that companies are struggling with on a day-to-day basis, and has built something truly unique that provides benefits to IT, risk, BI, compliance, and legal teams, among others.

The IT landscape and challenges in most companies are growing rapidly in both scale, cost, and interconnectivity, and to ensure that these companies can keep pace with them, they need a flexible tool that can manage complexity. I believe Ardoq is that tool, and I’m very excited to join the team.”

Looking forward

My role at Ardoq will change to be more focused on product development as Chief Product Officer.

We are are all thrilled to welcome Magnus to the team, and look forward to working together with him as Ardoq continues to grow.