As mentioned earlier this week, we’ve started an early “Spring cleaning” of the most used visualizations in Ardoq. Today we’re very happy to release a new version of the Process Flow and Dependency Matrix views into the app.

Process Flow

Smarter and clearer reference drawing

References are now drawn to reduce intersecting and be more direct with more right angles which makes your diagrams much more legible, compact and presentable. Here’s a diagram drawn with the old view…

…and with the new version…

Note that in the old Process Flow view example, there are 3 instances of references crossing over one another, while in the new view there are none. The references are also more neatly collected, and overall the second diagram looks much more polished.

One more example, let’s look at a bigger dataset with more references between more components:

Zooming in on a piece of this diagram, you can see how the view now handles intersecting references with bridges:

Bridges are now drawn at intersection points to make it clearer which reference is which.

Dependency Matrix

The Dependency Matrix view, which lets you visualize (and create) references between components in a matrix format, has a few new tricks up its sleeve as well.

First, the design has gotten a touch up, with a cleaner overall look, and enlarged, easier to click checkmarks:

Another change that might not be noticeable at first: with 2 workspaces open in this view, they are each listed on a separate axis of the matrix, whereas previously, all components from both workspaces would be listed on both axes. This change will make it much easier to create and manage references between workspaces.

Finally, conditional formatting has been added to this view; components and the checkboxes representing references can be colored based on criteria you choose.

Try Them Out

Both new views are now available in your Ardoq instance, so log in and try them out!

Need help adding views to Ardoq? Check out this knowledge base article.