We’ve got another round of new product improvements for you. They’ve all already been released into the app, so go try them out!

Redesigned Swimlanes

Using the same diagramming logic from the Process Flow redesign, the Swimlane visualization has been updated, resulting in much cleaner looking, easier to read diagrams like this one:


Using the grouping functionality in Swimlane now defines the lanes that are shown. You can now group components (by clicking the grouping button: image) into lanes based on tags or field values, as seen with the field "Criticality" here:

New Arrowheads

We've introduced some new line beginnings and endings for your references. There are 6 new line endings and 7 new beginnings (the "default" arrowhead is not available for endings):

Global Search

As you may have seen in an in-app announcement, we've released the global search functionality. Now, when using the search bar at the top of Ardoq, instead of seeing only results for workspaces you have open, you will see results for all workspaces in your organization.

Search can now be used from the dashboard, and results show the type of result (which now includes components, references, and workspaces) as well as its path:

For components and references, you can search the title, description, and tags, and for references you can also search the display text.

By toggling advanced search, you can also specify whether the search results include components, references or workspaces.

We hope that global search will help you find your data more easily, and also navigate Ardoq more nimbly (tip: for mouse-free searches, press "/" to set focus on the search bar).

Try It Out

All these features are now available in Ardoq, go try them out!