Presentation Mode

In the Ardoq app, you can edit your data and apply advanced filters and analysis to draw conclusions about your systems and processes. But if you want to share the results of your analysis with someone who’s new to Ardoq, sending them a link to the app can slow things down.

That’s where Presentation Mode comes in. You create presentations for the Ardoq views you want to share (including any filters and other context), add slide titles and descriptions, and share with your colleagues or embed the presentation in other applications.

Data That’s Always Up-to-date

The slides in each presentation pull data from Ardoq every time they’re viewed, so you can save time updating PowerPoint slides before each meeting.

Explorable Presentations

Just like in Ardoq, you can click on components to re-center the diagram. Use the slides as a starting point, then click through the diagram to uncover answers and insights that would be impossible with a static presentation.

Embeddable in Other Tools

Embed presentations in your corporate wiki or anywhere else you can use an iFrame. Put live documentation of a database’s dependencies alongside its textual documentation, illustrate a business process, or anything you can think of.


Let your colleageue pick up where you left off – presentations are collaborative, so you can get a helping hand if you need it.

Set Permissions

You choose if your presentation is visible to anyone with the link, or only visible to members of your workspace.

Try it Out

Presentation Mode is a paid add-on, but you can request a free 30-day trial for your Ardoq account.