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Ardoq Excel Integration

It’s critical for organizations to keep track of which projects are using outdated or vulnerable components. Many tools allow you to visualize Maven dependencies for individual projects, but doing the same for all projects across an organization is much more challenging.

With Ardoq, you can automatically generate visualizations and documentation for your Maven repository, and keep it up-to-date using our API. Stay on top of cross-organizational dependencies and make sure that everyone’s using the correct version of shared components. Just point Ardoq to your repositories, and you’re ready to start visualizing.

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Ardoq offers a wide range of out of the box explorable visualizations

  • Sequence Diagrams
  • Dependency Maps
  • Process Flow Diagrams
  • And much more

See the Maven import in action:


Learn more about how Ardoq can help you automate Maven documentation.

Smarter documentation


Once your Maven project models are in Ardoq, you can complete the documentation by adding human-readable context for all your applications.

You can also visualize changes to your dependency tree before you implement them, and share them with your teammates.

Say hello to the future of documentation.

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