We have over twenty years combined experience covering IT, system documentation and enterprise architecture. We’re absolutely passionate about bringing a low cost, easy to use solution to the market. And we’re dedicated to simplifying system documentation and delivering enterprise architecture that adds real value to your business.

Magnulf Pilskog

Co-founder and CEO
Magnulf is one of the founders of Miles, an award winning Norwegian IT consultancy. With over 15 years’ experience as a consultant, he has a broad and extensive skill set ranging from enterprise architecture to front-end development and design.

When he is not starting companies or working on Ardoq, Magnulf enjoys reading science fiction/fantasy books as well as fishing and hiking.

He lives in Sandvika, Norway, together with his wife and three boys.

Erik Bakstad

Co-founder and CTO
Erik is a former hockey player turned geek. With six years’ experience as a developer, he has worked in industries including education, banking/finance and telecoms. He loves programming, and is a big believer in simple design and functional programming.

When he is not yelling at computers, Erik enjoys watching documentaries, playing hockey and reading.

He lives in Oslo, Norway, together with his fiancé and two daughters.


Ian Stendera

Jobb Profil bilde B_W
VP of Sales
After 3 years in the ski industry as a Partner and Sponsorship Manager, Ian has migrated back to software and the entrepreneurial environment. He loves economics, innovation and the mysteries of entrepreneurship. Although an American, Ian took his Masters in Oslo Norway studying Innovation and Entrepreneurship and hasn’t left since.

When he is not living the startup grind, Ian enjoys getting outdoors, snowboarding and riding his veteran motorcycle.

He lives in Oslo, Norway, together with his wife and son Thorbjørn.


Kristian Helgesen

VP of Technology
Kristian has 15 years of experience as a software developer and system architect, 10 of which as a consultant. His main experience comes from implementing high volume, public facing services in Norway’s largest media houses. When working, he believes it is important to understand as much as possible of the surrounding context to find the best solution.

In his spare time he enjoys trail biking in the woods, playing basketball, and steep off-piste skiing when the conditions are right. He also lets his inner engineer and nerd loose when building his electronic chess board.

He lives in Oslo, Norway, together with his wife and three kids.