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Different backgrounds, different nationalities. Everyone committed to customer excellence and a shared culture.

Erik Bakstad

Co-founder and CTO

Erik Bakstad is Co-founder and CTO at Ardoq. Erik has an MSc in Information and Communication Technology from University of Bergen (UiB) in Norway, specializing in information retrieval and it-security. Through his 10-year professional careers as developer, SaaS product architect, and technology evangelist and practitioner, he has experience from various industries including biology, banking/finance, and telecoms.

Prior to Ardoq, Erik worked as a Senior Consultant at Miles AS, an award winning multi-national IT consultancy, as well as at Nordea Liv and TeliaSonera. Erik is recognized for his deep and broad technological experience and ability to quickly learn new, complex topics. He is also passionate about information security and data privacy, and how these are applied to deliver operational excellence at customer experience obsessed technology companies.

Erik serves as an active Board Member of Ardoq and advisor to fellow tech-entrepreneurs in Oslo.

Ralph Natter Berg

VP of Sales

Ralph Natter Berg is VP of Sales at Ardoq. He is passionate about sales, leadership and technology. Ralph is Norwegian with a most international academic curricula from University of Maine (U.S.), Swansea University (Wales, UK), and Internationale Fachhochschule Bad Honnef (Bonn, Germany); with a BA in International Business.

His work experience includes Managing Director of Client Success, and Managing Director positions at global social analytics SaaS company Meltwater, where Ralph among other responsibilities established local presence for Meltwater internationally. He has also served as EMEA Sales Manager at Cxense ASA (CXENSE:Oslo), a global data management and personalization software company.

With close to 10 years in technology sales, account management, and leadership roles at international SaaS successes, Ralph believes that the most important thing in scaling successful sales organisations is to focus on team work, culture, and the belief that anything is possible.

Magnulf Pilskog

Co-founder and CPO

Magnulf Pilskog is Co-founder and CPO at Ardoq. He is also Co-founder of Miles, an award winning multi-national IT consultancy based on Servant Leadership principles. With over 15 years of experience as a strategic and operational technology consultant and executive manager, he has a broad skill set across all aspects of enterprise architecture and related business processes.

Magnulf is also recognized for his entrepreneurial track record, where he is focused on creating the right company culture that values diversity, self-expression, flexibility, and mutual respect towards everyone; with this focus being paramount in all recruitment processes. From his own entrepreneurial experience, he is intimately familiar with the critical importance of business and IT alignment.

Magnulf founded Ardoq to address what he saw as clear disjoint and lack of understanding between the two; resulting in lost time, lost investment, and lost opportunities in what is the biggest industry-sweeping change yet, the Digital Transformation. Magnulf also serves as an active Board Member of several companies, including Ardooq, as well as mentoring other startups.

Ian Stendera

VP of Customer Success

Ian Stendera is VP of Customer Success and part of the Management Team at Ardoq. He has worked at Ardoq since 2015 with roles in sales, partner development, and most recently, customer success. Over the past year, Ian has worked closely with Ardoq's largest customers on GDPR projects to develop personalized compliance documentation strategies, automate analysis, and develop a foundation for all other change processes. Ian is not a lawyer, a certified DPO or Enterprise Architect, but a skillful pragmatic looking beyond the fear and hype.

Ian has a MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Business Institute of Norway, and a BA in International Business from WSU Washington State University.

Petteri Vainikka


Petteri Vainikka is CMO at Ardoq, and is a frequent speaker at industry events globally. Petteri has an MSc in technology from Aalto University in Helsinki, a degree in higher education pedagogics, and a PhD currently on hold. Throughout his 15+ year professional career spanning mobile, internet, data, and enterprise SaaS technologies, he has always found himself at the intersection of emerging technology and its hands-on commercial application.

His most recent 7 years having been at the forefront of Data Management Platform (DMP) evolution from a buzzword to globally recognized billion dollar enterprise SaaS market. He is driven by genuine passion to help customers understand and succeed within rapidly changing ecosystems, catalyzed by new technology.

Petteri’s past work experience ranges across entrepreneur, business development, product management, academic, and general management roles at Sumea, Digital Chocolate, Rovio (Founder and Head of Sales and Marketing), Aalto University, Leiki, Enreach (CMO), and most recently Cxense ASA (CXENSE:Oslo), where he served as SVP Product Management. Petteri has a proven track record of launching and scaling new technology companies internationally, whilst at all times remaining customer experience obsessed in doing so.

Magnus Valmot


Magnus Valmot is CEO at Ardoq. Magnus received his first experience in leadership education from the Norwegian Military, where he subsequently went on to serve as a Coastal Ranger for a year. He has an MSc in Industrial Economics and Technology Management from The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), where he was president of two student organizations alongside active involvement in volunteer work.

His previous work experience includes being fast-tracked to managerial position at global consulting firm PwC, where he was responsible for strategy definition, process improvement, organizational development, benchmarking, and cost cutting projects across Oil & Gas, Energy, Defense, and IT industries; and SVP Onboarding & Professional Services at Cxense ASA (CXENSE:Oslo), a global SaaS company specializing in data management and cross-platform personalization, where he had global responsibility for customer value delivery through the use of new technology.

Magnus is passionate about delivering tangible value, building great teams, and making a real difference to both customers as well as the people he works with.

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