Join one of Norway's fastest growing tech startups

In the future, complex business questions will be asked and answered digitally, in natural language.

Why should humans waste time in meetings when you can get answers through automatic queries?
Why should humans waste time drawing diagrams when machines can do it for us?

These are some of the challenges we face.
We need your help to solve them.

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Be part of the journey

At Ardoq we are building a tool that enables our customers to create a digital twin of their organization.

In the past year we have grown our team threefold and have built a customer reference list of industry leaders throughout Scandinavia, Europe and the US, as well as partnerships with leading international consultancies Capgemini and PwC.

We have set out to solve a problem that every organization in the world is facing, and we have successfully found product-market fit.

Looking ahead, we are at the start of an incredible journey and are looking for talented people to help us realize our potential.

Work with freedom and responsibility

Since we're growing fast, things are changing fast. At Ardoq we ensure that processes don't come in the way of productivity, and we are continously identifying smarter ways to work.

Our aim is to create a space where we perform and grow, both as a company and on a personal level. For that we need your input and ideas!

Grow to your potential

In the next year there will be a lot of opportunities at Ardoq. We aim to disrupt markets, open offices abroad and solve a myriad of difficult challenges.

It won't be easy, but it's an extremely satisfying challenge and it is up to you where you fit in the puzzle.

Use the best tech for the job

A lot of the difficult challenges we face are greenfield projects and it's up to you to help us decide on how we solve them. Come and work closely with our clients, while using the best tech for the job.

At Ardoq you can greatly influence which languages, tools and methodologies you work with.

Our CTO left the consultancy business to build the foundation of our platform in Clojure. Other parts of our tech stack include Docker, React/Redux, RxJS and Gremlin.

Are you intrigued?

We are looking for talented people that are driven, willing to learn and are ready to tackle problems you probably haven't seen before.

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Open Positions

Senior QA engineer

Ensure that our team can keep a high iteration speed while maintaining a quality product.

Data Visualization Expert

Automatic visualizations are a core component of our platform. Help our customers tell their story by helping them navigate through large amounts of data within beatiful visualizations.

Experienced front-end engineer

Join our front-end team, responsible for developing, maintaining and improving our front-end applications.

Visual Product Designer

Would you like to take responsibility for implementation of consistent design style across our platform

Software Engineer

We are facing a wide range of challenges. Do you enjoy working across the whole tech stack? Apply as a software engineer and we'll find out where you fit in.

Clojure Engineer

We're looking for a motivated engineer to join our backend engineering team responsible for feature development, scaling, maintenance and testing.

Experienced integration engineer

Join our newly-formed integrations team, responsible for designing, developing and maintaining our growing set of integrations.

Open Application

We are always looking for talented people to join our team. Send us an open application and explain where you would fit in.


Are you an aspiring software engineer or graphics/interaction designer?
Read more about our internship opportunity.