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Our mission is simple. We enable our customers to digitally transform. We do this by bringing business together with IT, whilst respecting data privacy and creating good governance.

Sounds ambitious? It is. This is why we’d love for you join the team and help us realise it.

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Meet Ardoq

Established in 2013, Ardoq is one of Norway’s fastest growing new technology companies. It is also at the forefront of innovation taking place using advanced graph technology to deliver next generation of AI-assisted and AI-enhanced productivity.

Ardoq develops software that uses machine intelligence to replicate (digital twin) and augment human analytical cognition. Our Enterprise Intelligence Graph connects highly automated GDPR Compliance with innovative Enterprise Architecture and AI Roadmapping all in one powerful, accessible, and business user friendly representation.

With proven customer track record, we are rapidly growing our team across our expanding international operations. We're really just getting started, and are eagerly looking for more talented individuals to join us in helping our customers digitally transform.

Be part of the journey

We have built a customer reference list of industry leaders throughout Scandinavia, including Telia Norway, Fjordkraft, Kværner, and Komplett Bank, as well as partnerships with leading international consultancies Capgemini and PwC, among others.

Looking ahead, we are excited to grow our international presence with customers from all over Europe and North America, all the way to Australia and New Zealand. We are are equally thrilled to work across industries and customer organizations ranging in size from medium to large to enterprise.

The need to digitally transform, embrace AI and data across all business operations, comply with new data protection and privacy regulations, and to serve a digital-native generation that expects a fluent omni-channel customer experience, has positioned Ardoq perfectly for growth. These megatrends have validated our product philosophy and approaches, and we are looking for more talented individuals to help us scale our international operations.

In the future, complex business questions will be asked and answered digitally, in natural language. Join the team making this a reality.

Open positions

Senior QA engineer

Ensure that our team can keep a high iteration speed while maintaining a quality product.

Experienced integration engineer

Join our newly-formed integrations team, responsible for designing, developing and maintaining our growing set of integrations.

Experienced front-end engineer

Join our front-end team, responsible for developing, maintaining and improving our front-end applications.

Business Development Intern

Strengthen our commercial capabilities and discover and curate opportunities for our Go-To-Market team

Product Marketing Intern

Ardoq’s Marketing team is seeking a Product Marketing Intern who will be a great addition to our growing company.

Clojure Engineer

We're looking for a motivated engineer to join our backend engineering team responsible for feature development, scaling, maintenance and testing.

Account Executive

Drive sales for our platform, and take an active part in building our high-growth SaaS Technology company.

Upcoming positions

R&D Internships

Lead Generation Specialist

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