We’re proud of the new features and upgrades we’ve released over the past year, but it’s been a while since the core Ardoq views have gotten the “Spring cleaning” treatment. We recently started that process – improving the appearance and functionality of our most-used views. First up, the Dependency Map view.

Dependency Map Improvements

The most noticeable change to this view is the fresh coat of paint – the colors have been updated to be a little less “loud”, and overall the formatting and subtle design touches have been improved.

Under the hood, we’ve also added a big new feature: component grouping. By clicking the grouping button at the top-left of the visualization (image), you’re able to define the groups in the view using reference type, parent, field value, or tags.

Combining this with our recent addition of conditional component formatting allows you to create custom groups with component colors representing dimensions you care about.

For example, below are servers grouped by their operating systems, colored to indicate how much risk each one represents:

The combination of these two features unlocks a ton of new possibilities, so get in the app and try it out!

Adding grouping functionality across the board

We’ve begun the process of adding this grouping functionality throughout Ardoq, starting with the Aggregation view, and now the Depedency Map view. Keep an eye out for the addition of the grouping in other views in the future!

Under construction: Process Flow

Next up on our cleanup list is Process Flow, one of Ardoq’s most used views.

Process Flow is getting a major overhaul to the way components and references are drawn. The result will be a denser but also more legible view, with much more logical reference drawing.

2 areas that you’ll notice particular improvement in: references crossing over each other, and components that reference themselves. Check out the same data drawn with the old vs new Process Flow below:

Drag the slider to the left & right to compare. On the left is the current Process Flow view, on the right, the future. Note the increased density of the new view, and the more logical placement of references.

Keep an eye out for more

This is just the beginning – keep an eye out for more improvements to your favorite Ardoq views.