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Presentation Mode

Note: Presentation Mode is a paid add-on. Contact us if you’d like to activate a trial for your account.

Presentation Mode allows you to present live data from Ardoq in a simple way, and also to embed your interactive presentations outside of the tool.

Creating and Sharing Presentations

1. Launch the Presentation Editor

First, open any workspace. Then click the icon for Presentation Editor shown in the screenshot below:

2. Add current view

Choose the view of your data you’d like to add to a presentation, then click the “Add Current View” button in the Presentation Editor:

4. Add details to your slide

You can add an optional description to each slide which will appear on the bottom of the slide. Remember to click on the Save icon.

5. Presentation settings

Go to the settings tab to edit the name of your presentation and define access rights. If you set the read access to “anyone with a URL”, the presentation can be viewed by anyone with the URL without the person having to log into Ardoq. Start the presentation by clicking on the blue play button above the settings tab. Grab the URL if you want to share it, link to it or embed it somewhere.

6. About the primary workspace and workspace context

Let’s assume that you have three workspaces open: workspace-1, workspace-2, and workspace-3 and you want to create a slide: slide-1. If workspace-1 is highlighted when you create the slide then workspace-1 will become the primary workspace for that slide while workspace-1, workspace-2, and workspace-3 will form the workspace context of the slide. In practice this is normally straight forward. If you have a component selected when you create a slide then the primary workspace will be the workspace that the component belongs to. When in explore mode, the context of a slide is explorable.

If you create a new reference between components that belong to workspaces in the workspace context then the updated changes will be visible in the slide.

If you create a new workspace workspace-4 and create a reference from a component in workspace-1 to a component in workspace-4 then this will not be visible in the slide as workspace-4 is not in the workspace context of the slide-1. Currently it is not possible to change the context once a slide has been created.

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