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Navigate Efficiently

There are many ways to navigate through your information in Ardoq.

  • You can simply click on any component or reference name and set it as your context.
  • Click the top level (1) of your context bar to zoom out to the top level of the workspace.
  • Utilize the  Context Bar to find your context within the model.

  • You can also use your browser’s back and forward buttons to change your context.
  • Right click on a reference, select Navigate, select the reference as your context, or choose Source component or Target component (this can be done from almost any view)
  • Right click on a component name, select Navigate, select the component, or the component parent as context, or the workspace as your context.

Advanced Markdown Editor navigation

  • Type !parent to select the parent component or workspace as context
  • Type !backto use your browsers history and move to your previous context
  • Type !filterto set focus to the filter box and search for a component and set it as context
  • Type :existingComponentName to use the current component hierarchy to navigate to other components.
  • Type ->:Component:ChildComponent to jump to an existing reference or integration.

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