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Getting started

Getting started in a new tool can have its challenges. We recommend checking out the demonstration workspace that comes installed by default to get a feel for what is possible to document in Ardoq.

In this video, you can see how to use the workspace wizard to get started:

Step (1) Create a New Workspace:

Click the create a new workspace button on the Dashboard.

Step (2) Select Workspace template:

Choose one of our pre-built Model templates to start. You can always edit this model or create your own later on. Alternatively, choose the “Blank” template to start from scratch.

Step (3) Edit Workspace Properties:

To change the name, add a description, and set default permissions, right click the workflow name, then click “Edit Workspace”:

Step (4) Create Content:

Ardoq provides you with a variety of options for editing and adding content. You can use the:

The video below explains how you can quickly use the grid editor to add Components and the smart link editor to add References.

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