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Create a New Organization

Or migrate workspaces from Sandbox to an Organization

Organizations are the highest hierarchical level of content in Ardoq – below organizations are workspaces and workspace folders. You can create as many workspaces as you like, but we recommend limiting the number of organizations your data is spread out into as much as possible.

When you first sign up for Ardoq, you will be taken into the Sandbox organization, the default. You can not invite other members to collaborate with you in Sandbox, and some features are not available. Therefore we recommend creating your own organization as soon as possible. Here’s how:

1. Go to the Sandbox organization

Make sure you are in the Sandbox organization by selecting it from the organization dropdown at top-left:

Note: if you have not created any other organizations, there will be no dropdown here.

2. Open the “Invite your team” dialog

Click the icon at the bottom-left of the app:

3. Migrate workspaces from Sandbox to new organization (optional)

If you’d like, you can migrate all or some of the workspaces in Sandbox to the new organization you create.

4. Name your new organization (or choose existing organization)

If you have an existing organization you wish to migrate your Sandbox workspaces to, you can select it from the dropdown menu.

If this is the first time you’ve created or joined an organization, there will be no dropdown option. In this case, add a name for your new organization to proceed.

5. Add collaborators to your new organization (optional)

On the final screen in this process, you can add users by email to invite them to collaborate in your new org. If you would like to invite them with read-only access, uncheck the “Add with writing permissions” box before inviting.

On this screen you can also choose the default permissions for new users added to the organization.

When you’re done adding collaborators (of if you wish to skip that step for now), click “Take me to my organization” to get started.

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  • Thorbjørn Ellefsen

    With the removal of Sandboxes, isn´t this obsolete now?