GDPR Guide

Learn about the GDPR, how to design your compliance strategy and processes, and get started with documentation templates.

1. Learn about the GDPR

Webinar: GDPR from the trenches

In this webinar, you’ll hear real-world examples of companies that have started their compliance projects and how they structured them.

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GDPR Documentation for Audit Readiness

General introduction to the GDPR and an introduction to the importance of documenting your compliance journey.

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2. Design your compliance strategy

Webinar: Smarter gap analysis

Learn what GDPR gap analyses are, why they're important, and how to start documenting them in Ardoq.

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3 key strategies for compliance

From our customers, we've learned 3 key lessons to consider when designing your compliance strategy:

  1. Compliance is continuous
  2. Involve domain experts
  3. Think structured

Case study: GDPR gap analyses

A case study on GDPR gap analyses from one of our customers, and what their tool requirements were.

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3. Think beyond compliance

Why GDPR is good for business

In practice, becoming compliant with the GDPR provides digital benefits that are actually good for business. There are direct and indirect benefits that GDPR requirements bring to a company’s data quality, data security, customer interaction, and trust in business.

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GDPR Compliance Builds Trust

The GDPR is setting new, sometimes very strict, standards for the way that personal data can be stored and used. But while the regulation may be tough on businesses, compliance results in increased trust from customers and partners.

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4. Get started with Ardoq

Sign up for an Ardoq Trial

Get started documenting your GDPR compliance with a free trial of Ardoq.

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Learn about Ardoq's GDPR solution

Ardoq’s GDPR package provides you with templates and documentation to get started, powerful search and analysis, and dynamic visualizations.

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Create a documentation strategy

It can be intimidating to start a GDPR documentation and compliance project. Start with what you know, collaborate with other domain experts, and automate whenever possible.

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Get started with GDPR templates

All users have acess to GDPR templates within Ardoq to help you get started documenting your infrastructure, data, and processes.

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