Data Driven Compliance
with Ardoq

Ardoq’s GDPR package provides you with templates and documentation to get started, powerful search and analysis, and dynamic visualizations.

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Document your path to GDPR compliance

Enforcement of the new GDPR data privacy regulations will begin in May 2018. Before that happens, it’s important that your organization has a thorough understanding of what user data passes through which systems and processes.

Real-world inspiration

Our templates are the result of close cooperation with large corporations for whom it’s imperative to be compliant. These companies trust Ardoq to document their path to compliance and to identify gaps.

A helping hand

The Ardoq GDPR package contains in-app reference materials and documentation to help you get started documenting. You also have access to our GDPR partners who can advise you on a path forward.

Automated gap identification

Compliance documentation in Ardoq is structured and reusable. With the Reporting and Analytics module, you can automatically identify and analyze gaps in compliance.

Visual representation of compliance gaps in Ardoq.
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“Working with Ardoq over the last 12 months has been an eye-opener. The level of insight we get by using Ardoq helps us to understand and discuss our concerns in a meaningful way.

Having everything documented and up-to-date in Ardoq has been a game changer for helping enterprise and security architects communicate with CxOs.”

Thorbjørn Ellefsen
Cybersecurity Lead – Capgemini Norway

Process flow diagram

Visual compliance overview

Use Ardoq’s built-in, auto-generated visualizations to get a visual overview. Or, create shareable presentations with Presentation Mode to give stakeholders a high-level review of progress.

Audit transparency

In the event of an audit, you may be required to demonstrate the changes you’ve made towards compliance. Ardoq’s change history enables you to roll back the clock on your data to piece together a timeline.

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GDPR Templates for Gap Analysis

We’ve created standardized GDPR templates for analysis to help you find gaps in compliance, a regulation handbook, and an implementation guide in Ardoq based on a client’s needs.

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GDPR is good for business

In practice, becoming compliant with the GDPR provides digital benefits that are actually good for business. There are direct and indirect benefits that GDPR requirements bring to a company’s data quality, data security, customer interaction, and trust in business.

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GDPR compliance is a continuous process

Relying solely on periodic compliance checks—say, once per quarter—exposes you to risk in the interim.

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GDPR Documentation for Audit Readiness

Accurate GDPR documentation of systems and processes handling user data helps identify areas of noncompliance, and serve as a reference in case of audit.

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