Review and Analyze Your Data


Create distinct groups in your diagram to show subprocesses, application services, or anything else you can imagine.

Conditional Formatting

Define and save conditional formatting filters to highlight pieces of your diagrams based on field values, component type, tags, and more.

Highlight critical components with conditional formatting.

Split Screen View

Put any two visualizations side-by-side to get different views of the same data. Show text documentation for a component next to its position in a flow chart, or see the swimlane and dependency map views together.

Revision History

See the full change history of all your components and references, and revert all or part of a previous revision.

Global Search

Pinpoint the data you're looking for with the global search bar. Search for references, components and workspaces and jump straight to them from the search bar.

Automate Repetitive Work

Automated Diagrams

Ardoq's numerous built-in diagrams are automatically and instantly generated based on the data you input. Any changes you make to the data will be reflected immediately. You can also explore connected components by clicking through the interactive visualizations.

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Automate and Extend

Shape Ardoq to fit your processes using our REST API, integrations, and custom data fields and visualizations.

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Automation Use Cases

Read how an international telecom provider automates their IT asset management documentation with Ardoq, or how Fjordkraft uses Ardoq to automatically document requirements and acceptance criteria.

Share Up-to-date Information

Presentation Mode

Create presentations for the Ardoq views you want to share (including any filters and other context), add slide titles and descriptions, and share with your colleagues or embed the presentation in other applications.

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Collaborate across your organization in Ardoq’s web-based interface. Invite others to contribute and read, then see real-time changes as they happen.

Default Permissions

Be confident in the security of your data by setting your workspace's default permission level to read-only. Or, to get help with documentation from your team, default to write access.

Powerful Data Editing

Create Rich Text Documentation

In addition to fields and tags, every component in Ardoq can be filled with text documentation with images or videos embedded. Use the rich text or markdown editors to create detailed descriptions of process steps, compliance gaps, or whatever else you're documenting with Ardoq.

Fast Data Entry

Input components as fast as you can type using either the Fast Action Button or the Grid Editor. Define relationships between components in bulk using the Dependency Matrix View. Ardoq gives you multiple options to streamline the often tedious process of data input.

Customize Metamodels

You can customize icons, shapes, and names of components and reference types to tailor your notation to your organization.

A Helping Hand

All Ardoq plans feature chat and email support, so you'll always be to reach someone when you need help. Give our chat support a try by clicking the chat icon at the bottom-right of the webpage.

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