We’ve made some improvements to the way you create and edit data in Ardoq that we hope will save you a lot of time.

The Add button has moved

First, a small change: the blue Add Component button has moved from near the top-left of the application to the bottom-right. In its new position, the button is closer to where you will now add component information (as described below). As a result we also removed the live chat button from the bottom right – you can start a live chat by clicking the chat icon in the left-hand sidebar:

Create and edit components in the same step

Previously, creating a component would entail clicking the Add Component button, selecting the type of component you wanted to add, and giving it a name. Then, if you wanted to add other information to that component, like a description, tags, or field values, you would have to open the edit dialog.

These steps have now been consolidated and simplified. Clicking the Add Component button will now bring up this menu:

In this new edit screen, you can add tags, field values, change the type of the component, add new fields to the component type, or edit the description without switching to Pages view:

As before, you can create components in quick succession by hitting enter.

It’s not only components that have gotten an editing makeover – a similar interface is also available for reference creation and editing.

Decluttered Pages view

We’ve also removed some unnecessary elements from the Pages view, making it easier to read and more streamlined.

Try it out

Log in to Ardoq and try out the new features for yourself!