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Our mission is simple. We enable our customers to digitally transform. We do this by bringing business together with IT, whilst respecting data privacy and creating good governance.

Customer case studies and use cases

Ardoq has built a customer reference list of industry leaders throughout Scandinavia, including Telia Norway, Fjordkraft, and Komplett Bank, as well as partnerships with leading international consultancies Capgemini and PwC, among others.

What our customers say

Komplett Bank ASA has a growing product portfolio across national borders, and data is captured, stored, processed and analysed throughout our products. GDPR introduces additional requirements for the overview and traceability of personal data. Ardoq helps us simplify our processes, so we can spend more time on the bank’s core business and less time on traditional system documentation.

Kristian Tovsen

Project Manager, Business Development at Komplett Bank

I never thought documentation could be fun.

Tor-Erik Hauge


Since using Ardoq we have improved planning and control of the quality assurance process in all internal projects as well as reduced time spent on reporting.

Marita Vindheim

Senior Advisor at Fjordkraft

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Ardoq provides us with a powerful and intuitive way to construct and visualise relationships, allowing us to quickly identify opportunities for investment, change and improvement.

Richard Clark

Enterprise Business Analyst at RPC

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Ardoq is an integral part of our data platform.

Ståle Heitmann

Senior Developer at Hafslund

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We have searched the market a long time for a tool to document our systems and dependencies. With Ardoq we finally found a tool which is flexible enough to handle our documentation requirements without being forced to use a huge framework.

Tor Oskar Wilhelmsen

System Architect at Gard

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