View Updates: Process Flow & Dependency Matrix Redesigns

As mentioned earlier this week, we’ve started an early “Spring cleaning” of the most used visualizations in Ardoq. Today we’re very happy to release a new version of the Process Flow and Dependency Matrix views into the app.


Improved Dependency Map, Big Upcoming Changes to Process Flow

We’re proud of the new features and upgrades we’ve released over the past year, but it’s been a while since the core Ardoq views have gotten the “Spring cleaning” treatment. We recently started that process – improving the appearance and functionality of our most-used views. First up, the Dependency Map view.

Dependency Map Improvements

The most noticeable change to this view is the fresh coat of paint – the colors have been updated to be a little less “loud”, and overall the formatting and subtle design touches have been improved.


Ardoq Zapier Integration Beta

As we announced in December, we’ve released a beta version of Ardoq webhooks (to get access, use the form at the bottom of this post). Powered by webhooks, we’ve also built a beta version of an Ardoq integration with Zapier, the popular automation platform that connects web apps.

Zapier Integrations

Using Zapier, you can do things like create new Trello tasks from starred Gmail messages, get notified about Github activity in HipChat…the possibilities are extensive. But the point is: Zapier has a huge catalog of web apps that you can create integrations between, and we want to add Ardoq to that list.


New Feature: Bulk Component Editing

Bulk editing is something that many customers have asked us for, and today we’re happy to deliver. Bulk editing is available now in the product, so try it out and let us know what you think!

Selecting multiple components

In the navigator, hold down Cmd (Mac) or Ctrl (PC) to select multiple components.

Note that simply clicking a component to focus on it does not include it in the selection, you’ll need to Cmd/Ctrl click that component as well.



Webhooks & Conditional Component Formatting - Our Holiday Gifts to You

Happy Holidays! We agonized over what to get for you (you’re tough to shop for, you know), but in the end, we decided a handmade present would show you how much we care. Let’s unwrap.


Reducing Risk by Relinquishing Control

Our thoughts on required fields

I wanted to take the time to write a quick summary on a topic that is brought up in nearly every meeting we have with potential customers, especially from the management and enterprise architecture teams:

“Do you support required fields?”


“Can I define what types of integrations are allowed?”

Short answer: No.

But the reasons behind this answer make for a much more interesting blog topic. Our lack of support for especially required fields is one of design, not poor product development.