GDPR compliance is a continuous process

We’ve met with lots of companies, large and small, working towards GDPR compliance. We didn’t start out as GDPR experts, but we’ve learned a lot from our customers about the common challenges that most companies are facing, and the mistakes made when getting started with a complex compliance project.

At a high level, we’ve learned 3 lessons:

  1. Compliance is a continuous process, not a periodic one.
  2. It’s important to involve domain experts in your organization to help get an accurate understanding of the current status of systems and processes.
  3. If you think structured with your compliance documentation, not only will it make the compliance process easier, it will also empower you to use the data you collect for other digital transformation initiatives.


Improved performance for large datasets, Perspectives, & new views

We’re happy to announce one new feature aimed at improving performance for large instances, a consolidated view for filters, groups, and conditional formatting called Perspectives, and two (and a half) new visualizations in Ardoq. Read on.


Fraud Awareness Seminar - Nov. 13 in Oslo

One of our newest partners, Advokatfirmaet Erling Grimstad, is hosting a series of talks on protecting your business from financial crime, regulatory fines, and corporate fraud. The seminar will be held in Norwegian.


Recap of our first student hackathon

Our office is right across the street from the University of Oslo’s campus. We’ve participated in lots of student-focused events, and have hired a number of interns through our relationship with the school, but until recently, we’d never hosted our own event. As a student intern turned Ardoq hire, I was happy to get the chance to help organize Ardoq’s first student hackathon along with our neighboring startup, Learnlink.


Small stick, big carrot: Why GDPR is good for business

How short-term compliance pain can be turned into a real business gain.


Ardoq Globalization: Episode I - Fields

On Sunday, September 3rd, we will release the first phase in a series of major product improvements: making all Ardoq objects global. This release will enable global fields. Read on for an explanation of what that means, why it’s a big improvement, and what to expect with the change!