Redesigned Swimlanes, New Arrowheads, and Global Search

We’ve got another round of new product improvements for you. They’ve all already been released into the app, so go try them out!

Redesigned Swimlanes

Using the same diagramming logic from the Process Flow redesign, the Swimlane visualization has been updated, resulting in much cleaner looking, easier to read diagrams like this one:


Introducing Ardoge

Ardoge – The Intelligent Ardoq Presenter

Combining Ardoq’s Presentation Mode with its automatically generated diagrams can drastically reduce the amount of time you need to spend preparing for meetings. But what if you could avoid meetings altogether?

Introducing Ardoge – Ardoq’s first AI bot. Ardoge analyzes presentations and leads meetings so you can do more important things. Why waste time telling people things that you already know? Just let Ardoge off the leash and watch the magic happen.

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Adding Grouping to Process Flow & Relationships Views

As we mentioned last month, we’ve begun a process of revitalizing and improving the most-used views in Ardoq, and also adding grouping functionality to them.

Since then, we’ve also completely redesigned how Process Flow draws references and places components, resulting in more logical and legible diagrams.

Now, we’re very excited to introduce component grouping into the Process Flow and Relationships views.


GDPR Templates for Gap Analysis

Further GDPR reading: our thoughts on why up-to-date GDPR documentation is essential.

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GDPR compliance gap observations documented and visualized in Ardoq.

Over the last few weeks I have been contributing to a case in which our partner, Capgemini, had been helping a shared client in their journey towards GDPR compliance. This process provided key insights into how similar projects traditionally have used fragmented tools and templates to gain an overview of expansive and complex projects – tools like Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, or wikis. These tools all have their own strengths and purposes, but used in this type of scenario, teams are setting themselves up for failure.


View Updates: Process Flow & Dependency Matrix Redesigns

As mentioned earlier this week, we’ve started an early “Spring cleaning” of the most used visualizations in Ardoq. Today we’re very happy to release a new version of the Process Flow and Dependency Matrix views into the app.


Improved Dependency Map, Big Upcoming Changes to Process Flow

We’re proud of the new features and upgrades we’ve released over the past year, but it’s been a while since the core Ardoq views have gotten the “Spring cleaning” treatment. We recently started that process – improving the appearance and functionality of our most-used views. First up, the Dependency Map view.

Dependency Map Improvements

The most noticeable change to this view is the fresh coat of paint – the colors have been updated to be a little less “loud”, and overall the formatting and subtle design touches have been improved.