Recap of our first student hackathon

Our office is right across the street from the University of Oslo’s campus. We’ve participated in lots of student-focused events, and have hired a number of interns through our relationship with the school, but until recently, we’d never hosted our own event. As a student intern turned Ardoq hire, I was happy to get the chance to help organize Ardoq’s first student hackathon along with our neighboring startup, Learnlink.


Small stick, big carrot: Why GDPR is good for business

How short-term compliance pain can be turned into a real business gain.


Ardoq Globalization: Episode I - Fields

On Sunday, September 3rd, we will release the first phase in a series of major product improvements: making all Ardoq objects global. This release will enable global fields. Read on for an explanation of what that means, why it’s a big improvement, and what to expect with the change!


Welcoming a new CEO to Ardoq

When Erik and I founded Ardoq in 2013, being CEO was a different job than it is today. For our two-person company, it involved a lot of paperwork, product pitches, and coding.

As we’ve grown the company from the two of us to 16 employees, that role has changed. Less time coding, more time doing market research and high level strategy. And while I’ve tremendously enjoyed steering the Ardoq ship through this period of growth, I also recognize that the skills and abilities required of our future CEO don’t align well with what I personally like to work with. With that thought in mind, we started the search for a new CEO, and we’ve found someone that far exceeds our expectations.

His name is Magnus Valmot, and he starts today. Let me tell you about him.


Faster Data Entry and Editing in Ardoq

We’ve made some improvements to the way you create and edit data in Ardoq that we hope will save you a lot of time.

The Add button has moved

First, a small change: the blue Add Component button has moved from near the top-left of the application to the bottom-right. In its new position, the button is closer to where you will now add component information (as described below). (more…)

Redesigned Swimlanes, New Arrowheads, and Global Search

We’ve got another round of new product improvements for you. They’ve all already been released into the app, so go try them out!

Redesigned Swimlanes

Using the same diagramming logic from the Process Flow redesign, the Swimlane visualization has been updated, resulting in much cleaner looking, easier to read diagrams like this one: