GDPR Compliance Builds Trust

Almost every day, we put our trust in products or services that are governed by strict regulations. I trust that my electric razor won’t cut me, I trust that the cereal I eat for breakfast is safe, and I usually feel confident that my flight will land safely. These examples are far from unique; markets with some sort of regulation are everywhere.

Regulations on products and services set a basic standard of quality and safety that in turn gives us confidence that we’re protected. While we may not know the details of the regulations that protect us every day, we become accustomed to, and demand, the level of protection they provide.

The GDPR is setting new, sometimes very strict, standards for the way that personal data can be stored and used. But while the regulation may be tough on businesses, compliance results in increased trust from customers and partners.


Create structured GDPR compliance documentation

This is the final blog in a 3-part series on the lessons we’ve learned about structuring and implementing GDPR compliance projects.


Involve domain experts in GDPR compliance projects

This is the second blog in a 3-part series on the lessons we’ve learned about structuring and implementing GDPR compliance projects.


GDPR compliance is a continuous process

We’ve met with lots of companies, large and small, working towards GDPR compliance. We didn’t start out as GDPR experts, but we’ve learned a lot from our customers about the common challenges that most companies are facing, and the mistakes made when getting started with a complex compliance project.

At a high level, we’ve learned 3 lessons:

  1. Compliance is a continuous process, not a periodic one.
  2. It’s important to involve domain experts in your organization to help get an accurate understanding of the current status of systems and processes.
  3. If you think structured with your compliance documentation, not only will it make the compliance process easier, it will also empower you to use the data you collect for other digital transformation initiatives.


Improved performance for large datasets, Perspectives, & new views

We’re happy to announce one new feature aimed at improving performance for large instances, a consolidated view for filters, groups, and conditional formatting called Perspectives, and two (and a half) new visualizations in Ardoq. Read on.


Fraud Awareness Seminar - Nov. 13 in Oslo

One of our newest partners, Advokatfirmaet Erling Grimstad, is hosting a series of talks on protecting your business from financial crime, regulatory fines, and corporate fraud. The seminar will be held in Norwegian.