Ardoge – The Intelligent Ardoq Presenter

Combining Ardoq’s Presentation Mode with its automatically generated diagrams can drastically reduce the amount of time you need to spend preparing for meetings. But what if you could avoid meetings altogether?

Introducing Ardoge – Ardoq’s first AI bot. Ardoge analyzes presentations and leads meetings so you can do more important things. Why waste time telling people things that you already know? Just let Ardoge off the leash and watch the magic happen.

Accountability Checks

Ardoge can draw insights from each slide, and communicate her analysis to the meeting attendees. And she’s not afraid of a little confrontation, either…

Down girl!

Crowd Control

Ardoge uses machine learning algorithms to get to know your team better over time. Progress and details from previous meetings are also incorporated into the next one:

Come on, Karen.

Framework Enforcement

Everyone makes mistakes, but Ardoge’s sophisticated Framework Compliance Engine™ is always on the case, identifying inconsistencies early on.

Is it really that hard?

Power Up Your Meetings

Ardoge may not be released yet, but Presentation Mode does have plenty of features that can improve the quality of your meetings and collaboration: