API and Integrations

Integrate Ardoq with your Tools and Processes

Often, tools that should make your life easier actually do the opposite: they force you to change the way you work to use them. That’s why Ardoq is designed to be as flexible as possible, so you can integrate it into your workflow without disrupting it. Our RESTful API lets you automate the import of data into Ardoq so that data sources that change frequently are always up-to-date.

You can connect any of your tools to Ardoq via the API and keep your data up-to-date. Want to keep code dependencies fresh? Run an addon or integration via your CI server, then any code changes in your repositories are reflected in Ardoq.


We’ve used our API to create integration points with popular business and developer tools. These work straight out of the box, no development needed.

Open Source Integrations

Below are some unsupported examples of Ardoq integrations built using the API.

Automation Use Cases

Many of our customers make use of the API to automate their data input and updating, saving them resources to focus on analysis and improvement. Read how an international telecom provider automates their IT asset management documentation with Ardoq, or how Fjordkraft uses Ardoq to automatically document requirements and acceptance criteria.

Create Custom Visualizations

Ardoq comes with robust, beautiful visualizations that help you make sense of your data. But if you need something more, you can use our plugin editor to create visualizations of your data any way you like.

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