The beta period is over! The presentation editor has been released and is available for Enterprise customers.

Ardoq offers a few options to export your diagrams so you can share them externally. And of course, you can always share and collaborate on your data from within Ardoq.

The goal of Presentation Mode is to present you with a third option for sharing: a way to share and embed your work outside of the tool, but still allow for the interactivity and explorability that make Ardoq so powerful.

Today we’re very pleased to announce that we’re launching a closed beta of the Presentation Mode, and we want you to participate. You get access to this awesome new feature, and we get your feedback as we continue to polish it. Win-win!

After beta, the feature will be available only to Enterprise accounts, but for now it’s open to all users that are interested in “kicking the tires”.

How does it work?

Choose the views in Ardoq you’d like to present, then add them as slides and add annotations for additional context.

Add your current view as a slide, with optional caption, to your presentation.

See it in action

Embedded below is a sample presentation. It’s interactive, just like the full version of Ardoq, so click around!